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Absolute Online Auction
Online Auction Starts 02/13/2017 21:00. Closing begins 02/19/2017 20:00.

Featured Items

Beuscher Elkhart Saxophone IN Case
Elvis Doll 53869
Coach No. B06k-3574 Canvas Sling Purse Needs Cleaned
American Girl Molly Doll (RETIRED) With Box Has No Booklet But Comes With American Girl Hair Brush
Antique Art Deco 1920’s Whiting & Davis Enamel Vintage Purse
Collectible Zippo With Native American Theme
H.P. Pfretzschner 1990 Cello Beautiful With 24″ Bow
AMF Harley Davidson Leather Jacket Size Large
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Beuscher Elkhart Saxophone IN Case Elvis Doll 53869 Coach No. B06k-3574 Canvas Sling Purse Needs Cleaned American Girl Molly Doll (RETIRED) With Box Has No Booklet But Comes With American Girl Hair Brush H.P. Pfretzschner 1990 Cello Beautiful With 24" Bow
AMF Harley Davidson Leather Jacket Size Large Collectible Zippo With Native American Theme Antique Art Deco 1920's Whiting & Davis Enamel Vintage Purse Tobacco Intermediate Gas Fireplace Mantle Model #PH26-T Lori Greiner White Jewelry Box
Sam 4 ER-18-T Cash register (WORKS) Craftsman 22" Push mower With A 6.5hp Brigg And Stratton Owner States It Runs But Has A Crack In The Ceramic Boyd's Bear Cookie Jar 11" Vintage Kraut Cutter 23" x 9" Franciscan Desert Rose Thimble
Holiday Barbie 28270 Pride 3 Position Motorized Lift Chair Very Nice Piece Burberry Barbie 29421 Large Glass Mason Jar 19" T With Handle And Lid But Lid Does Need Replaced Framed Photo Of Early Cincinnati 1800 16" x 25"
Assorted Zip Ties Vintage Dickel- Tennessee Whiskey Bottle NSYNC Justin Timberlake Doll Angelic Inspirations Barbie 24984 Spirit Of The Water Barbie 53861
Grease Lighting Rizzo Doll M0679 Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow 25384 Collector Edition Wizard Of Oz Miniature Dolls B2516 Elvis Doll 28570 Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Doll 25812
Mini Elvis Collectible Dolls From Barbie B3465 Mini Barbie Collectibles The Witches Glenda The Good Witch Barbie Collectible 25813 Cowardly Lion Collectible Barbie 25814 Tin Man Collectible Barbie 25815
Early Set Of Windsor Viewing Goggles Cheech And Chong Incense Burner Holiday Barbie 1429 Southern Bell Doll Collection Suzanna 18" Southern Bell Doll Collection Rachel 18"
Collectible Porcelain Doll Rose Collectible Porcelain Doll Cathay Lenox Sound Stereo Cassette Recorder CT-729 Dragon Ball Z Collectible Figure Brass and Glass Hour Glass 9"
Brass and Glass Hour Glass 9" Great American Achievements Beer Stein Great American Achievements Beer Stein Birth Of A Nation Beer Stein 7" T Budweiser Beer Stein 1991 7" Budweiser Beer Stein 1989 7"
Budweiser Beer Stein 1990 7" Early Locking Money Bag I Love Lucy Doll The Audition Set of 4 Budweiser Beer Steins Baby Sister Plush Doll 16"
I Love Lucy Sales resistance Doll B3451 New In Package Very Nice Black Dart Set Sandra Dee Collectible Grease BarbieC4773 Collection of Hand Tools Collection of Hand Tools
Assorted Phones, Camera, Scales Ultra Pro Platinum Hologram Pages Collection OF Magic The Gathering Cards By Deckmaster Bud Man Collector Beer Stein Camel Light pool Table Ashtray 4 1/2" x 7 1/2"
Hallmark Peanuts Ornaments Lucy, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock On The Dog house Assorted Phonograph Needles Assorted Phonograph Needles Misc. Watch Batteries Two Rabbit Furs
Collectible Norman Rockwell Plate 8" Reflections Heineken Beer Mirror 13 1/2" x 11 1/2" American Flag 3' x 5' Assorted Jewelry Boxes Various Sizes Coleco Vision Has No Power Cords
Beswick Porcelain Cat Figures 4" Assorted Japan Occupied Figures Assorted DVD's (TRESURE GUARD) Assorted DVD's (RAT RACE) Assorted DVD's (District 9)
Assorted DVD's (JUMPER) Assorted DVD's (Smokey And The Bandit) Assorted DVD's (Born On The 4th Of July) Assorted DVD's (Tears Of The Sun) Assorted DVD's (Madagascar 2)
Assorted DVD's (Home For The Holidays) Assorted DVD's (Cutthroat Island) Assorted DVD's (Journey To The Center Of The Earth Nerf Zombie Strike Collection of 7 Blu-ray's (HITMAN)
The Shield Season 5 On DVD Assorted DVD's (Stigmata) Set of 2 Japan Oil Lamps 7" T Assorted Glassware Figures Various Decorative Dresser Boxes
Assorted Glassware Figures Assorted Glassware Figures Set of 4 Bunny Figures 8"T Miniature Mantle Clock And 2 View Finders Set of Japan Figures 5"
Reuge Music Box Plays La Boheme Set of 2 Collectible Wooden Boxes Wooden Chest Box 12" x 6" x 4" D PlayStation Steering Wheel And Petals Sega Genesis Game System
Set of Very Early Glasses Small Box, Keychains, Tweezers, ETC. Memory Foam Pillow King Size Assorted Locker Keys Assorted Locks And Keys
Assorted Tie Clips, Pill Boxes, ETC. Various Costume pieces And Jewelry Box Large Safety Pin Key Chain With Early Skeleton Keys Assorted Costume Pins And Necklace Robert Kennedy Metal 3"
Collection of Vintage And Retro Lighters Vintage Cigarette Lighter With Case Early Dreamcatcher Necklace Sorority Pin Various Costume Jewelry Pieces
Assorted Early Wristwatches Buck Small Pocket Knife Locking Bank Bag Early Ulster Pocket Knife Westclox Vintage Pocket watch In Case
Collectible Pocket Knife, Camel Lighter ETC Cincinnati Reds 5 1/2" Beer Mug Beer Mug From Disney German Village 5 1/2" Early Metal Handheld Counter From Baird Manufacturing Co. Chicago Collection of Various Watches
Atlantis Watch Co. 6 jewels Miracle Pocket Watch Marlboro Swiss Army Watch New Zippo With Compass Painted On Collection of Wristwatches Replica 1932 Original Zippo
Bag Of Assorted Zippo's Bag Of Zippo's And Watches Early Pocket Knife Victor Knox Zippo With Rubber Wrap NIP Zippo With Rubber Wrap NIP
Reds Keychain Music Box Zippo With Scrolling Set of 2 Pocket Knifes Sterling.925 Beaded Bracelet Assorted Ladies Wristwatches
Glass Box, Watch Necklace, Tape measure, ETC. Assorted Ladies Wrist watches Citizen, Anne Klein, ETC. Two Wallets, Wristwatch, Bluetooth Ear Bud, Etc. Gold Pennies 24k Plate, Miller Lite Collectibles, Vintage Lighters, ETC. Early Brass Zippo In An Indian Trader
STL 18k Charm Bracelet Assorted Costume Jewelry In Small Tub Silver Tray of Rosaries Collectible Shot Glasses And Mugs Guardians Of The Galaxy Hat And Gloves
Sterling Pin And Pendants Set of Locks And A Measuring Compass, ETC. Assorted Glass Beer Mugs Mini Brass Bells And Wooden Ornaments Blo Pens Palace Pets, Lego
Pink Wire Less Speaker, Household Items Etc. Misc. Mineral Pieces, Fossils, Petrified Wood Glassware, Beer Mugs, ETC. Thermos, Air Pump, Magazine And Tote Black & Decker Tool Box
Windsor Style Vintage Child Chair 20" T Early Glasses Marked 14kGF In Case Early Glasses Marked 14kGF In Case Hohner Mini Harmonica, Watches, ETC. Bag Of Wrist Watches
Assorted Watches And Charms Large Brass Key And Pen Early Cincinnati Newspapers Assorted Cincinnati Enquirer Newspapers Early Cincinnati Newspapers With Pete Rose
Rebel Flag 3' x 5' Burwood Clock And Wall Art Largest 28" Double Candy machine On Post Unisonic Tournament Action TV Game Craig 13" Flat Screen TV
Coffee Printer Photosmart 600, Dust Buster, ETC. Pink Chandelier Portable Stereo And 3 Piece Stereo Mid-Century Modern Light Fixture With Wooden Set of 3 Wall Art Pieces
Set of 2 Andirons Set of 2 Early Sea Horses Made of Abalone And real Shells Set of 3 Wall Art Pieces 24" x 17" Shelf, Mirror, Frames ETC. Wall Sconces, Serving Tray, ETC.
Amalie Motor Oil Can No Content Coke Cola Bottle Opener Set of 2 Early Lamps 36" T Modern Coke Thermometer 16" Set of 2 Paris Themed Wall Art Piece 22" x 18"
Set of 4 Wall art Pieces Wooden Pepsi Crate 12" x 18" Wire Eiffel Tower 30" With Frame Set of 2 D?cor Pieces, Wall Fans, Etc. Set of 2 Mirrored Candle Holders 14"
Set of 2 Candle Sticks Misc. Mirror And Candelabra Full Size Bed With No Rails Small Storage Table 24" T Set of 2 Resin Wall Art Pieces and Decorative Fans
Assorted Lamps Seven Function Multimeter Assorted Wall Art, Basketball Purse, Book, ETC. 13" TV with DVD Player UK Sign 6" x 24
Route 66 Sign 9" x 13" Route 66 Sign 15" W Wicker Trash Basket With house Cleaner Snowman Candle Holder Rebound Game With Smash Up derby
Plant Stand 22" T Dolly With Broken Back And Flat Tire Digger Fork 4' Vintage Johnny Lightning Track American E Pro Machete
Tudors Electronic Football Game CoCoNut Ty Beanie And Halloween Mask Two Electric Race tracks Foam Interlocking Blocks Tool Belt And Head lamp
Chevy License Plate Cover Area Rug 46" X 76" Monopoly And Stratego Games Assorted Basket, Frame Stool, Glass Pro League Vintage Hockey Table
Early Barrel 19" End Table 24" W x 17" x 22" T Pig Pong, Level, Net, Badminton, Etc. Fire Place Cover 4' W Vintge AFX Western Classic Race Set by Aurora appears to be complete. Please preview
Home Utility Tools 5" Sander Early Barrel 19" Vintage Light Fixture Stained Glass Assorted Beaded Necklaces Various Collectible Pins And Vintage Boxes
Assorted Costume Jewelry Various Bracelets And Pins Collection of Costume Earrings Collection of Costume Earrings Early Plastic Cuff Bracelet
Misc. Mineral Pieces Made Into Broaches Set of Early Plastic Cuff Bracelet Early 1920's Fashion Pin 2" Early 1920's Fashion Pin2" Vintage Boxes, Big Ben Clock Box, Empty Casings, ETC.
Hanging Cedar Bird Feeder 12" x 12" Collection Of Assorted Costume pieces Assorted Costume Jewelry Necklaces, Ring ,Pins, ETC. Various Costume Jewelry Pieces Various Vintage Earrings, Pins, ETC.
Small Wooden Box 6" x 2" Assorted Costume Pieces NW Railroad Tie Pins Sterling Pin 1 1/2" Vintage Belt Women's Belt Buckle With Flower Pin, ETC.
Felix The Cat Pin Early Set of Roller Skates Set of Piano Cigarette Holder And Ashtray And Large 5 Large Set of Encyclopedias Set of 2 Early Light Fixtures
Basket Shaped Tree Cover 18" W x 13" T Set of 4 Franciscan Desert Rose Hand painted Goblet 5 1/2" T Franciscan Desert Rose 11" Separated Serving Dish Franciscan Desert Rose Gravy Boat 8" Franciscan Desert Rose Platter 13"
Metal Wind Mill Top 18" x 19" Set of 2 Franciscan Desert Rose Bowl 7" x 2" Feuerhand Lantern 5" Red Lantern Globe 7" Set of 4 Franciscan Desert Rose Hand painted Goblet 5 1/2" T
Franciscan Desert Rose 11" Tray Set of 2 Rose Bud Franciscan Desert Rose Shakers Franciscan Desert Rose 5" Compotes Set Franciscan Desert Rose 10 1/2" Dinner Plate Franciscan Desert Rose 10 1/2" Dinner Plate
Franciscan Desert 10 1/2" Dinner Plate Franciscan Desert Rose 10 1/2" Dinner Plate Franciscan Desert Rose 10 1/2" Dinner Plate Franciscan Desert Rose Cream And Sugar Set Franciscan Desert Rose 10 1/2" Dinner Plate
Franciscan Desert Rose Coffee Cup And Saucer Set of 2 Each Franciscan Desert Rose Coffee Cup And Saucer Set of 2 Each Franciscan Desert Rose Coffee Cup And Saucer Set of 2 Each Franciscan Desert Rose Coffee Cup And Saucer Set of 2 Each Franciscan Desert Rose Dessert Plate 5"
Set of 2 Spud Bars Metal Tool Box Assorted Glassware Various Fuses And Outlets Collection Of Electrical Insulators
Early Clothes Hamper 2' T x 21" W Wall Shelf 22" x 34" Roll Of Assorted Electrical Wire Coffee Mug, Bathroom Shadow Box, Lenox Bowl, ECT. Galvanized Tub With Yellow Garden Hose
Lamp Globes, Glassware, ETC. Assorted Poinsettia And Plastic Holley Wreaths Set of 2 Ramps With Foam Stoppers Vintage Hanging Wire Basket Extension Cord
NS Railroad Lantern Small Metal Tackle Box Has No Key Pre-lit 9' Tree In Box Tested Top it Did Not Work Bird Feeder And Leaf Shredder Welding rods, Plumbing Supplies Set of 2 Sliding Closet Doors
Set of 2 Seed Spreaders Scots Does Not Work Vintage Car Jack Set of 4 Wheel Well Chrome Pieces Terra Cotta Pot 15" T Other Misc. Planters Set of Edger And Trimmers
Large Galvanized Tub 22" Large Wooden Christmas Bow 5' A Set of 2 Automotive Panels With Fog Light Inserts And @ Head lamps Vintage Base For Fireplace Satellite Dish, Shovel, Sprinkler, Pump. ETC.
Wrought Iron Garden Stake Metal Clothing Display 4 Way Hoe 5' Wall Mirror 22" x 55" Metal Support Beam 71"
Large Chain 40' Early 4' Dresser 30" W Large Metal office Desk With Side Panel Insert Cerwin Vega SS-24622P One Pair Of 4 x 6 Speakers Assorted Door Locks
Alabaster Style Decorative Box Cerwin Vega SS-2693 One Pair Of 6 x 9 Speakers Assorted Hinges And Stops Bed Side Bar 3' Set of 2 Trees, Glass Planter, Ribbon, ETC.
Set of 2 Mini Wax Warmers Socket Covers Drawer pulls, ETC. Mirror Matic Pressure Cooker With Jiggler 4 QT. Alarm Clock, Pie Plates, Tupperware, ETC. Set of 2 Light Fixtures
Plastic Baby Gate With Training Wheels Metal Wall Art Bamboo Theme 18" x 32" Ohio Byway Sign 24" x 24" Campbell House Field Pressure Washer Motor No Hoses And Untested Collection Of Hot Wheels Track, Case Playset
Revell Sting Ray 3 Model Kit Unopened With Liquid Cement Set of 2 Luggage Pieces Set of 2 Early Canada Dry One Is Columbus Huron Plastics Co. 11" Mouse Ronald McDonald Mugs, Rubber Bart Simpson. Tootsie Roll Banks, ETC.
Assorted Bottles Soda, Milk Bottle, ETC. Sony TV, AM/FM Receiver UNTESTED Large Fiber optic Wire Collection Of Assorted Glass Lids Collection Of Assorted Glass Lids
Set of Jeep Wrangler End Caps Ford Grill Cover Collection OF Assorted Wall Art Round Wall Mirror 28" Rica Speaker System Model WSP200B
Aluminum Motorcycle Fender Fishing Pole Case With A Bass On it Honda Grill Cover New Nissan Altima Trunk Mat SunTune Triple Gauge Mount
US Marshall Deputy Badge Marked Oklahoma Territory Tarot Cards, All Weather Speaker (Untested), @ Collectible Barbie's Compact Presario Computer With Some Accessories No Monitor And No Hard Drive Blueridge Bowl 8" Assorted Glassware Items Bowls, Vases, Plates, ETC.
Coffee Table With Drop Side 20" T x 40" W Transformers Large Scale Cardboard Movie Advertisement Unstoppable Movie Cardboard Movie Advertisement Outdoor Carpet,Baskets,3'Round Tables, ETC. Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Advertisement 106" x 68"
Sharp Air Conditioning Unit 11.0 BTU Frigidaire 550 BTU Air Conditioning Unit Pine Shelf 7' L x 9" W Bench 3' W x 15" D Twin Size Bed frame
Early Wooden Magazine Rack 19" W x 19" T Collection of Records Johnny Cash, Mother Maybelle Carter, ETC. Assorted Records (EDDY's Song) Assorted Records (ROY CLARK) Leather Belt With JACK Inscribed 38"
Black Leather Belt Inscribed JD 38" Leather Belt With JD On The Buckle Bio Bird Feeder Kraut Cutter 25" x 9" Black Belt 38"
Mini Wooden Wagon 12" x 7" x 5" T Vintage Mickey Mouse Snow cone Machine Craftsman 8" Drill Press No Motor Set of 12 Ruby Glass Set of 2 Record Holders
Set of 12 Ruby Glass Small Shelf 3' Assorted Records (RED SIMPSON) Assorted Records (JOHNNY BOND) Large Assortment Of Records
Glassware, Wall Art 8" x 10", Cup And Saucer, ETC. Assorted Vintage Children's Books Collection of Christmas D?cor And Garland Early Scale Depression Glass Collector Booklet
Collection OF Misc. Books 4' White Quilt Rack Green Metal Tub, Knife Block, Betty Crocker Recipe Cards Felt Pieces, Stuffing, Spools Of Ribbon, ETC. Flower Arrangement, Dictionary's, VHS Rewinder, Photo Album, ECT.
Wooden Display Piece From Bonanza Wheelersburg, Ohio 4' x 7'


Don Gleim Auctions LLC


1499 State Route 522 Wheelersburg, OH 45694

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