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Online Auction of Plastic and Rubber Fabrication Machine Shop Equipment for Sale in Fremont, CA Don’t miss out on this complete liquidation of machine shop equipment from a plastic and rubber fabricator located in Fremont, CA. Highlighting over 190 lot…

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Begins: Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 10:00 AM EST

Location 4623 Enterprise Common, Fremont, CA 94538



Online Auction of Plastic and Rubber Fabrication Machine Shop Equipment for Sale in Fremont, CA

Don’t miss out on this complete liquidation of machine shop equipment from a plastic and rubber fabricator located in Fremont, CA. Highlighting over 190 lots including CNC machines, vertical mills, lathes, a plastic shear, band saws, drill presses, air compressors, dust collectors, forming machines, ladders, tooling kits, and more. This auction is sure to burn some rubber so don’t let a good deal pass you by. As with every sale, this public auction in the San Francisco Bay Area has no reserve or minimum bids; everything must sell!

Online auction at – Bidding Starts, Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 10:00 am (PT).

Sold to the highest bidders regardless of price!

01001983 Kitamura Mycenter-1 CNC VMC0100AKennedy Portable Toolbox with CNC Tooling
0101Proto Trak TRM 2 Axis CNC Vertical Milling Machine0102Proto Trak TRM 2 Axis CNC Vertical Milling Machine
0103Alliant Vertical Mill with Frachier Electronic RPM Control0104Trak TRL 1440 CNC Lathe with LX2
0105Clausing-Colchester 13″ Lathe with Trak 102 Readout01061983 Enco Turret Lathe with Pneumatic Feed
01071996 KBC TL-25 Turret Lathe (Needs Work) 0108Cidan AS MS-M 15/2-5 Plastic Shear
0109Ellis Portable Mitre Band Saw0110Rockwell 15-665 Drill Press
0111Rockwell 15-665 Drill Press0112Rockwell 15-665 Drill Press
0113Gerver GVZ-4 Finger Break0114Gerver GK-1 Folding Press
0115Barnaby 104 Pin Router0116Mago Press
0117Donaldson 66-H Dust Collector0118Peterson Panel Saw 10″
0119Dupli-Carver Bandsaw 2490120Rockwell Model 14 Band Saw
0121Wadkin Bursgreen 10″ Table Saw0122Torit 66 Dust Collector
0123Torit 75 Dust Collector0124Torit 75 CAB Dust Collector
0125Speedaire 30 Gallon Portable Air Compressor0126Auto-Vac LV Plastic Sheet Forming Machine
0127Glendo Accu-Finish Series II Finisher01286″ Machine Vise with Handle
01296″ Machine Vise with Handle01306″ Machine Vise with Handle
01316″ Machine Vise01326″ Machine Vise
01336″ Machine Vise with Handle0134Torch Cart with Tanks and Accessories
0135Werner Aluminum 10′ Double Sided Ladder0136Werner Aluminum 24′ Extension Ladder With QuickClick Stabilizer
01375′ Table Vise0138Heinrich 4″ Table Vise
0139Royal Prod’s Lathe Tool Closer014012″ Caliper In Box
014110 Pair Parallel Set0142Mitutoyo Precision Measuring Kit
0143Quad-One Quik-Key Angle Jaw 6″0144Brown & Sharpe BesTest Kit
0145Milwaukee 6528 Super Sawzall with Carry Case0146(6) Collets and Various Tools
0147Collet Tool Closer0148SPi Radius Gage Set with Blade Helder (25 Piece)
0149Kenrok 5C Collet Block Set0150SPi 9 Pair Parallel Kit
0151Finn Tooling Kit0152Te-co Tooling Set
0154Buck 6 Jaw 6″ Chuck0155Escort Radar Warning Receiver
0156Zim Mfg Co. All Steel Valve Grinder Reciprocating and Progressive 0157Ingersoll Rand 231 Impactool
0158BMC E-30 Pump System0159Servo 7030 Offset Column Drill Press
0160Mitutoyo 12″ Caliper0161Mitutoyo 0-1.2″ Digital
0162Brown & Sharpe BesTest Kit0163UltraTech 3″ Digital Caliper
0164Mitutoyo 1-2.2″ Digital Readout Caliper0165Mitutoyo 6″ Caliper
0166Brown & Sharpe 6″ Digital Readout Caliper0167Mitutoyo 0-1″ Caliper
0168Starrett 0-2.2″ Caliper0169Black & Decker 3/8″ Dual Range Hammer Drill
0170NRG-Saver Quick Tire Change Tool0171Mitutoyo .001-12″ Measuring Tool
0172(2) Ridgid Wrenches01736′ Pipe Bender
01745″ Pipe Bender0175Gage Drawer and Contents
0176Gage Drawer and Contents0177Mitutoyo 24″ Digital Readout Caliper
0178Mitutoyo .001″ Measuring Tool0179SPi 6″ Digital Readout Caliper
01802-1/2″ Vise01812-1/2″ Vise
0182Starrett .001″ Chamfer Gage0183Fowler Shore Scale Durometer Hardness Tester
0184Shore Test Block Kit0185Servo Type 100 Power Feed
0186Eklind Power-T 11 Hex Key Set0187Mitutoyo Riser Block
0188Mitutoyo .001″ Caliper0189Flynn Thread Measuring Wire Set
0190Brown & Sharpe 6″ Digital Readout Caliper0191Exact Machinist Level
0192Titan 3″ Focus Centering Microscope0193Starrett Edge Finder
0194Peak Scale Lupe 10x0195Mitutoyo 12″ Height Master Calibration Tool
0196Pneumatic Grommet Machine0197Surebonder 5960 Electric Staple/Nail Gun
0198Ascona Precision Angle Measuring Tool0199Mitutoyo Gage Block Set
0200Mitutoyo 0-1″ Pin Mic0201Mitutoyo 0-1″ Blade Mic W/ .014 Thick Blade
02026″ Etalon Caliper0203Tanakrafter Welding, Cutting & Heating Outfit
020426″ X 34″ Fold Out Table with Seats020526″ X 34″ Fold Out Table with Seats
0206Migmate Super Dual Purpose Welder0207Craftsman 6″ Portable Vertical Belt Sander
0208Werner 5′ Aluminum Ladder02097′ Aluminum Ladder
0210Cart with Paper Dispenser0211Car Lifting Equipment
0212Ridgid 16 Gallon 2in1 Shop Vac0214Dayton 2Z564E Wet/Dry Vac
0215Low-Profile Garage Creeper0216Contents of Cabinet
0217Rolling Cart and Contents0218Dayton 2Z564E Wet/Dry Vacuum
02198′ Pallet Racking with Plastic/Acrylic Stock 0220Work Table and Contents
0221Stock Rack And Plastic/Acrylic Contents 0222Custom Made Weighted Tool Pusher
0223Rolling Work Cart with Clamps and Fittings0224Portable Work Cart with Trays And Tools
0226Machinist Tools (Tool Box Not Included)0231Rack and Plastic/Acrylic Contents
0232Dayton Wet/Dry Vacuum0233Organizer Drawer and Contents
0234(1) Double Sided Toolbox with Various Machine Blocks and Tooling0235(1) Double Sided Work Box and Contents
0236Custom Tooling Organizer with Contents0238Portable Shop Cart 24″ x 18″ x 21″
023914″ Plastic Shear0240Dake Arbor Press with Machinist Blocks
0241(10) Various Collets0242(4) Work Mats
0244Portable Shop Cart 24″ x 18″ x 21″0245Dayton 2Z564E Wet/Dry Vavuum
0246Shop Cart with Contents0247(8) Air Hoses
0248(4) Power Cords0249Desk And Contents
0250Desk with Contents0251Cabinet And Contents
0252Metro Cart 23″ x 21″ x 67″0253Dayton Cabinet And Contents
0254Rockwell 37-290 Jointer 0255(2) Crates of Insulated Tubing and Power Cables
0256T-3 Transformer0257Cabinet with Contents
0258Torit 66 Dust Collector0259Table with Contents
0260(4) Heat Lamps0261Quartzpower TX1 Upright Space Heater
02628′ 2 Tier Work Bench with Contents (Vise Not Included)026335″ X 23″ Steel Cart
02643’x2′ Sleet Utility Cart0265HeliCoil 8542-1 Pneumatic Nibbler
0266Reed No. 2-1 Pipe Cutter0267Ridgid 00-R Pipe Threader with 3/4″ Die
0268HeliCoil Air Motor Service Tooling with Box0269Armstrong 4 Die Pipe Treading Set
0270Blue Point YAK10 Butane Soldering Kit0271Craftsman Tool Box Full of Tools
0272Milwaukee Cordless Drill Kit0273Milwaukee Cordless Drill Kit
0274Black and Decker Circular Saw0275King Bearing Gasket Kit
0276Machinists Chucks, Tapper Attachments and Tooling with Organizer0277Tapmatic 90-X Reversible Tapping Attachment
0278Snap-on MT324 Cylinder Leak Detector0279Starrett S-828H Center Finder Kit
0280Mitutoyo 0-1″ Digital Micrometer0281Exair Pneumatic Cold Gun
0282Power Seal TC1008 Heat Sealer0283Impulse SP-100 Heat Sealer
0284Mitutoyo 24″ Height Gauge0285(1) Brass Utility Hand Pump and (1) Sunpro Vacuum Pump
0286Geometric 9/16 DSA-N P58 Threading Die0287Machinists Turret Vise
0288(6) Machine Tool Holders With Collets/Tooling0289Baldor 6′ Benchtop Grinder
0290Reel Craft Retractable Hose Reel0291(4) Stools
02934′ Round Lifetime Folding Table02944′ Folding Table
02957′ Shelving Organizer Full of Competed Products and Blanks0296(2) 7′ Tall Shelving Units Full of Completed Products and Blanks
0297Three Drawer File Cabinet Full of Batteries and Light Bulbs02986′ Folding Table
029920″ Tall Steel Cart0300American IMC Inc. 3 HP Upright Electric Air Compressor
0301Tooling and Machinists Tools (Toolbox and Counter Top Not Included)0302Mino Hardware Organizer Full of Machinists Mill Bits and Collets
0303Mitutoyo 8″ Digital Caliper 0304Starrett 24″ X 18″ X 6″ Granite Surface Plate
0305Seeburg Select-O-Matic 100 Juke Box0306Underwood No. 5 Vintage Typewriter
0307(2) 6′ Rack Units with (28) Rolls of Rubber/Plastic

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