Massive Estate Auction – Part I: Tons of Vintage Kitsch, Nascar Car Collection, 3000 Troll Dolls & More

This is the first of three auctions for this estate. Super Packed Estate Includes: Vintage Sewing, Quilts, Mid Century Dining, Pyrex, Vintage Toys, and Tons of Vintage Goodies


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Brief Description

This auction includes household goods & décor. Our sellers had a great sense of humor and collected all sorts of fun kitsch which makes for a great auction!

Part two and three will be the knives & jewelry.  

Auction Schedule

Online Bidding Only

Begins: Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at 8:00 PM CST

Ends: Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 8:00 PM CST

Item Pick-Up

Begins: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 12:00 PM CST

Ends: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 7:00 PM CST

Location Kansas City, MO 64116



Massive Estate Auction – Part I: Tons of Vintage Kitsch, Nascar Car Collection, 3000 Troll Dolls & More

Super Packed Estate Includes: Vintage Sewing, Quilts, Mid Century Dining, Pyrex, Vintage Toys, and Tons of Vintage Goodies.

This is the first of three auctions for this estate. This auction includes household goods & décor. Our sellers had a great sense of humor and collected all sorts of fun kitsch which makes for a great auction! Part two and three will be the knives & jewelry. Our sellers traveled to gun & knife shows selling Native American jewelry, guns & pocket knives.

Yellow Wheel Barrel with Wooden Handles

Yard Tools and Blue Barrel

Wooden Shelf

Wooden Rocking Horses, Carousel and More

Wooden Homemade Doll School Desk and Chair

Wooden Hand Peace Sign

Wooden Folding Step Stool

Wooden Coat Rack

Wooden Box of Miniatures

Wooden Book Shelf & Encyclopedias

Wooden Animals, Pictures, Shelves & More

Wilton Pewter Dip Plate and Vintage Dishes

White Wicker Domed Shelf

White Shelf

White Folding Table

White Folding Step Stool

White Enamel Wash Pan with Red Trim

White Ceramic Christmas Tree

White Cabinets

Whirlpool Quiet Wash Dishwasher

Wheel Chair, Walker, Crutches

Welby Grandmother’s Clock

W. C. Fields Nose Lights Up Battery Tester

Vinyl Brown Office Chair

Vintage Wooden Victory Washboard

Vintage Wooden Coffee Table

Vintage Wood Family Dog House Plaque

Vintage Wire Octagon Shaped Shelf

Vintage White Encyclopedias

Vintage White Ceramic Lighted Christmas Tree

Vintage White 3 Door Cabinet

Vintage Westclock Sunburst Clock

Vintage Warner Brothers Lenox Ware Dishes

Vintage Walnut Bowl, Picks and Nut Cracker

Vintage Two Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Vintage TWA and Savoy Flatware

Vintage Tools and Iron Pieces

Vintage Tin Magic Action Bulldozer

Vintage Three Way Dispenser and More

Vintage Three Shelf Utility Cart

Vintage Teapots, Canisters, Shifters and More

Vintage Tea Bag Holders and More

Vintage Tambourine and Laurence Welk Music Spoons

Vintage Talking Toilet, and Jolly Pecker

Vintage Standard Eight Transistor

Vintage Sewing Items

Vintage Santa Mugs

Vintage Saladmaster-

Vintage Round Candle Table

Vintage Religious Items

Vintage Red Handled Utensils and tools

Vintage Raggedy Anne and Andy

Vintage Pop Bottle and Vases

Vintage Plastic Dr. Pepper Clock

Vintage Planter Boxes, and Lamp

Vintage Pink Clothes Hamper

Vintage Picture & Vintage Plastic Goose Girl

Vintage Painted Magazine Rack and Books

Vintage Owl Hanging Lamp and Chandelier

Vintage Orange Enamel Snack Set

Vintage Orange Dishes

Vintage Old Spice Mugs, and Razors

Vintage NSFW Humorous Items

Vintage Night Stand

Vintage Monkey Teletubbies, Toys, Minnie and More

Vintage Milk Can

Vintage Medicine Bottles and Tins

Vintage McCormick Elvis Decanter in Box

Vintage Match Holder, Tobacco Tins, and More

Vintage Maple Captains High Chair

Vintage Magnavox Stereo End Tables

Vintage Machine Stitched Patchwork Quilt

Vintage Machine Quilted Wedding Ring Quilt

Vintage Machine Quilted Quilt

Vintage Machine Quilted 9 Patch Quilt

Vintage Lipton Coffee Tin & Small Tin

Vintage Linens

Vintage Light Maple Corner Cabinet

Vintage Lazy Susan with Stand

Vintage Lances Nuts Display

Vintage Lady With Bear Photo Montage

Vintage Kodak Instamatic & Suitcase

Vintage Kodak Brownie 500 Projector

Vintage Kitchenware

Vintage Japan Tea and Coffee Set

Vintage Ice Tongs, Old Iron, and Horse Shoe

Vintage Ice Bucket, Nut Cracker, and Ashtray

Vintage Hurley Press Ironet

Vintage Handmade Horseshoe Stand

Vintage Hand Quilted Polyester Quilt

Vintage Grey Enamel & Blue Coffee Pot

Vintage Green Luggage and More

Vintage Green Hawkeye Picnic Basket

Vintage Green Depression Cream & Sugar w/ Stand

Vintage Gossip Bench

Vintage Gold Twisted Sconce

Vintage Gold Jewelry Box and Vintage Items

Vintage Gold Hanging Globes 2 Sets

Vintage GM Delco Remy Toy Truck

Vintage Glassware

Vintage Glasses, Mugs, Bowl and Plates

Vintage Georges Briard Baker

Vintage Games

Vintage Flower Children Plaques

Vintage Figurines, Papers, and Pamphlets

Vintage Falstaff Beer Tray

Vintage Falstaff Beer Clock

Vintage Elvis Large Button Pin

Vintage Double Desk Lamp

Vintage Doll Bed

Vintage Dishware

Vintage Deck of Vulgar Cards

Vintage Crock, Bowl and Canning Jar

Vintage Covered Wagon with Horses and Oxen

Vintage Copper Items and More

Vintage Coffin Bank

Vintage Clothes Hamper with Racing Banners

Vintage Child’s Rocker

Vintage Chest with Mirror

Vintage Champion GTO Sled

Vintage Chalk Hula Dashboard Dancer

Vintage Cedar Electric Ice Cream Freezer

Vintage Cats, Birds, and More

Vintage Canoes, Hatchet, and More

Vintage Canes and Yardsticks

Vintage Candlesticks, and Light

Vintage Butterfly and Mushroom Plaques

Vintage Boxes

Vintage Bowls and Teapot

Vintage Books, Valentines, & Post Cards

Vintage Black & White Cow Salt & Peppers

Vintage Bedroom Mood Meter & Cook Books

Vintage Bathroom Wall Plaques

Vintage Bathroom Rack

Vintage Bates Numbering Machine

Vintage Banner Tin Skillet and Pottery Bowl

Vintage Baking Dishes

Vintage Avon Bottles

Vintage Aprons, Pot Holders and More

Vintage 4 Piece Milk Glass Mixing Bowl Set

Vintage 27 Piece Prescut Punch Set

Video Cassettes Recorder & Sanyo Radio

VHS Cabinet

Very Large Group of Utensils

Very Large Group of Scissors

Very Large Group of Pans

Very Large Group of Miscellaneous

Very Large Group of Jeans, Sweatshirts, and Cammo

Very Large Group of Cup and Saucers

Very Large Group of Antique Buttons

Very Huge Lot of Cups, Saucers & Teapots

Two Wicker Lamps with Wicker Shade

Two Vintage Yellow Platters

Two Vintage Sad Irons

Two Vintage Pyrex Bowls

Two Vintage Plastic Prism Lamps

Two Vintage Pink Pig Salt and Peppers

Two Vintage Owl S&P, and Stainless Butter Dish

Two Vintage Office Arm Chairs

Two Vintage Letter Holders

Two Vintage Lanterns

Two Vintage Lamps and Mirror

Two Vintage Instruments

Two Vintage Hawaii Mugs

Two Vintage FireKing Bakers

Two Vintage Embroidery Bed Covers

Two Vintage Clothes Pin Bags & Tea Towels

Two Vintage Box Fans

Two Vintage Ashtrays

Two Vacuums

Two Tin Types in Gutta Percha Frame

Two Tackle Boxes of Lures

Two Swivel Stools

Two Starting Line Up NASCAR Figures & Cars

Two Snake Look Belts

Two Silver Belt Buckles

Two Signed 6 Ft. Dale and Kevin Harvick Figures

Two Sets of Vintage Glasses

Two Sets of Pattern Glass Stems

Two Sets of Binoculars

Two Round Spool Tables

Two Pottery Tea Pots

Two Porcelain Collector’s Dolls

Two Plastic Falstaff Beer Shelves

Two Picnic Baskets of Doll Dishes, and More

Two Pair of Vintage Red and Orange Leather Boots

Two Nice Quilt Tops

Two Nice Old Photographs

Two Nice Black Vinyl Office Chairs

Two Little Stands

Two little grabbers, with black duck f

Two Leather Canoes with Stand

Two Large Vintage Mexican Paintings

Two Heavy Duty Explosive Boxes

Two Great Vintage Sock Monkeys

Two Great Pieces of Doll Furniture

Two Folding Tables

Two Fold Out Sewing Boxes

Two Elvis McCormick Decanters in Box

Two Elvis 68″ Decanters

Two Dutch Bisque Dolls

Two Drawer Global File Cabinet

Two Door Metal Cabinet with Mirror

Two Cute Wooden Birdhouses

Two Chalk Mr. & Mrs. Bluebird Plaques

Two Carved Horns One with Stopper

Two Brass & One Pewter Mortar & Pestle

Two Boxes of Vintage Patterns

Two Bird Clocks

Two Bibles with Covers and Candles

Two Baskets of Sea Shells

Two Anchor Hocking FireKing Lusterware Bakers

Tweety Bird & Bugs Bunny Pillow Buddies

Turkey Platter, Old Jars, & Household Decor

Tub and Tin of Little Toys

Toys, Trolls and Betty Boop

Toys and Stuffed Animals

Topsy’s Tin of Little Toys and Animals

Tools, Bench Vise and More

Tiny Sterling Silver Coffee Set

Tin of Dale Earnhardt Collector Card Series

Tin Bahmann Seasons Greeting Trolley

Timber lodge and Cabins Sign

Three Vintage Slab Clocks

Three Vintage Hen on Nests

Three Vintage Enamel Pans

Three Vintage Ceramic Cats

Three Vintage Boxes of Dominoes

Three Very Mice & Heavy Sombreros

Three Tiered Macramé Pot Holder

Three Tacked Comforters One Machine Quilt

Three Strap Type Belts

Three Steins

Three Revolving Shoe Carousels in Box

Three Pieces of Green Depression and Knife Rest

Three Pieces of Cornflower Blue Corning Ware

Three Pieces of Blue Willow

Three Piece Pyrex Stacked Bowls

Three Pair of Great Moccasins Never Worn

Three NFW Mugs

Three Men’s Leather Belts

Three Hex Bug Micro Robotic Creatures

Three Groups of Small Cups & Saucers

Three Folding Chairs and Seat

Three Dog Figures Made of Goat Fur

Three Child’s Lawn Chairs

Three Brass Mortar and Pestles

Three Boxes of Tupperware Baking Toys in Box

Three Black Metal Car Ramps

Three Belt Buckles

Telephones, Wii Bag, and More

Tea Sets, Cups & Saucers, and Juice Glasses

Tea Set Marked Everlasting Bavaria

Tackle Boxes with Lures, Fish Basket & More

Surge Protector and Cords

SuperCuts Racing Kerry Earnhardt Stock Car

Stuffed Armadillo

Stuffed Animals

Step 2 Work Bench Stool

Stands, Shelf and Racks

Soundesign Stereo Receiver & Pioneer Turntable

Socket Set, Nuts & Bolts, and More

Small Soft Signed Chiefs Helmet

Small Sewing Machine, Sewing Stuff & More

Small Brass Tray and 6 Little Goblets

Singer Stylist 534

Singer Seritt Sewing Machine

Silver Kenmore Microwave

Signed The Allison Family Picture

Signed Michael Landon Photo, Vintage Items & More

Signed Kevin Harvick Pictures & Posters

Signed Kevin Harvick Looney Tunes Monte Carlo 400

Shovels, Spades and Pitch Fork

Shelf and Cabinet


Sheets, Pillow Cases, and More

Sewing Stuff, Thimbles, and Doll Clothes

Sewing Kits and Miscellaneous

Set of Vintage Springtime Nasco Dishes

Set of Three Teflon Type Skillets

Set of Corelle Dishes and Corning Cups

Set of 10 Glass & Gold Wheat Tumblers

Set Glasbake Square Cups, Fire King, and More

Sears 2-Way Head Tripod


Sanyo Tube TV

Salt & Pepper, Cup and Saucers with Faces

Rx Glasses, 4 mugs, and 6 Big Apple Stakes Glasses

Rustic Metal Stand/Piece

Round Table, Hassock, and Smoke Stand

Rough Quilt and Vintage Children’s Clothes

Rieger’s Whiskey Shot Glass

Revell Tony Stewart NASCAR Home Depot 2000

Revell Tony Stewart 2000 Home Depot Pontiac

Revell NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series

Revell Dale Earnhardt Goodwrench Service Stock Car

Revell Dale Earnhardt Collector’s Club Stock Car

Revell Dale Earnhardt Car, & Motorcycle Clock

Revell Collection Kerry Earnhardt Stock Car

Revell 4 Piece Olympic Games Train Set

Refrigerator Dishes, Butter Dishes, and More

Red Metal Home Tool Storage Cabinet and Tools

Red Leather Dale Earnhardt Jacket

Red Dolly and Grass Spreader

Red Display Shelf

Red and White Kevin Harvick Jacket

Red and Pink Vintage Machine Stitched Quilt

Rag Dolls and Toys

Rada Cutlery Stoneware Cookie Sheets

Racing Seat Pack and Hat

Racin Bubbas Bobble Heads Whole Collection of 6

Race Car Picture Mirror

Precisefit Lawn Sweeper

Pocket Tool Kit, Stamps and More

Plywood Stand with Formica Top

Pink Fabric, Trim and More

Pink Depression and Carnival Glass

Pig Cream and Bird Coffee Pot

Picture of Jesus and More

Particle Board Shelf

Pair of Vintage Wooden Billy Clubs

Pair of Handmade Ceramic Man & Lady Plaque

Pair of Allegro 2000 Stereo Speakers

Oval Coffee Table

Orange Art Glass Star Fish and Ball

One Small and One Large Elvis McCormick Decanters

One Signed and Other NASCAR Helmets

One Hand and One Machine Stitched Quilts

Old TV Cabinet

Old Gillette Razor Case

Old Blue Tin Pencil Sharpener

NIP Sheets, Linens and More

Nice Wooden Step Ladder

Nice Vintage Dinette Table & 4 Chairs

Nice Swiss Army Clock in Original Box

Nice Red Twill Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jacket

Nice Red NASCAR Twill Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jacket

Nice Oak Table and 4 Chairs

Nice NASCAR #8 Jebco Clock and More

Nice Mr. Peanut Iron Bank

Nice Mid-Century Turquoise and Gold Tea Set

Nice Mid-Century Modern Dining Table

Nice Metal Ammo Box

Nice Log Cabin Doll House

Nice Large Antique Oak Mirror

Nice Full Size Mattress, Box Springs, & Bed Frame

Nice Crystal Decanter

Nice Antique Oak Square Table

Nice 2 Door Metal Wardrobe

Newer Crock Bowl Mixing Bowl Set

New Old Stock Electric Hot Server Tray

NASCAR Watches and Knives

NASCAR Trucks, Small Cars, and More

NASCAR The Dale Earnhardt Foundation Stock Car

NASCAR Team Realtree Racing Mark Martin Stock Car

NASCAR Tankards, Mugs, and Glasses

NASCAR Stock Cars, Small and Large

NASCAR Small and Medium Die Cast Cars

NASCAR RCR Richard Childress Racing Museum

NASCAR RCCA Elite Kevin Harvick Stock Car

NASCAR RCCA Elite Kevin Harvick Stock Car

NASCAR RCCA Elite Kerry Earnhardt Stock Car

NASCAR Pedal Car Collectible Bank Stock Car

NASCAR Oreo Kevin Harvick Stock Car

NASCAR Oreo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Stock Car

NASCAR Nilla Wafers Dale Earnhardt Jr. Stock Car

NASCAR NCCA Elite Kerry Earnhardt Stock Car

NASCAR NAPA Racing Michael Waltrip Stock Car

NASCAR Napa Racing Michael Walt

NASCAR NAPA Michael Waltrip Stock Car

NASCAR Muscle Machines 67 Nova

NASCAR Looney Tunes Kevin Harvick Stock Car

NASCAR Looney Tunes Kevin Harvick Stock Car

NASCAR KFC Dale Jr Stock Car

NASCAR Kevin Harvick Looney Tunes Stock Car

NASCAR Kevin Harvick Goodwrench Service Stock Car

Nascar Kevin Harvick Clear Stock Car

NASCAR Kevin Harvick Clear Stock Car

NASCAR Kevin Harvick Clear Stock Car

NASCAR Jerseys and Jacket

NASCAR Jeff Green American Online Stock Car

NASCAR Home Depot Tony Stewart Stock Car

NASCAR Hendrick Motorsports Mark Martin Stock Car

NASCAR Goodwrench Service Plus, Kevin Harvick

NASCAR Goodwrench Kevin Harvick Stock Car

NASCAR Goodwrench Kevin Harvick Stock Car

Nascar Foldable Stool

NASCAR Elite RCCA Steve Park Stock Car

NASCAR E.T. Kevin Harvick Stock Car

NASCAR E Elite RCCA Steve Park

NASCAR Die Cast Cars In Package

NASCAR Dale Jr., Budweiser Stock Car

NASCAR Dale Jr. Oreo Stock Car

NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Legacy Stock Car

NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sikkens Car Refinishes

NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr. Bud Racing Stock Car

NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Clocks

NASCAR Collectible, Cars, Coke Bottles, and

NASCAR Coca Cola Dale Earnhardt Stock Car

NASCAR Checkered Flag Sports Cheerios 33

NASCAR Canvas Bag, and More

NASCAR Budweiser Dale Earnhardt Jr. Stock Car

NASCAR Blanket and Throw

NASCAR AP Dale Earnhardt Stock Car

NASCAR AP Action Dale Earnhardt Jr Stock Car

NASCAR America Online Keven Harvick Stock Car

NASCAR Action The Coca Cola Racing Family

NASCAR Action Figures and Assorted Cars

NASCAR Action Dale Earnhardt Jr. Looney Tunes

NASCAR  E.T. Kevin Harvick  Stock Car

Miscellaneous Sewing Items

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Home Repair

Miscellaneous Contents of Cabinet

Mirror Wall Shelf

Mini Pop Bottles, and Shot Glasses

Mid-Century Modern Stanley China Hutch

Mid-Century Modern Stanley Buffet

Mid-Century Hutch

Mid-Century Arm Chair

Metal Shelf with Four Shelves

Metal Office Desk

Metal Horse, Toy Car, Rocks, & Windchime

Metal Box, Coin Wraps, and Money Bags

Medical Supplies

McCoy Tea Pot

Marble Rolling Pins, Knife Set, and Pig

Maple One Drawer End Table

Maple Johnson Carper Chest of Drawers

Magnetic Pellet Trap & More

Machine Quilt and Comforter

Luggage and Bags

Low Stuffed Seated Bench

Lots of Christmas Surprises

Long Plastic Shelf with Falstaff Emblems

Little Marble Top Table

Little Iron Canons, Guns, and Sword

Little Grey Plant stand, White Shelf, and Ivy

Lift Top Jewelry Chest

Leather Tooled Billfolds, Brush and More

Large Wooden Framed Jesus Picture

Large Vintage Cream & Gold lamp

Large Stuffed Tweety Bird and Taz

Large Set of Blue Onion Coffee & Tea

Large Ornate Old Carved Wooden Mirror

Large Light Colored China Cabinet

Large Group of Yard Tools

Large Group of Vintage Tupperware.

Large Group of Vintage Refrigerator Magnets

Large Group of Vintage Ladies Clothes

Large Group of Vintage Albums

Large Group of Vases, Compote, and More

Large Group of Utensils

Large Group of Sewing Stuff & Thread

Large Group of Salt & Pepper, Cruets, and More

Large Group of Record Albums

Large Group of Race Car Magazines

Large Group of Princess House

Large Group of Pressed and Pattern Glass

Large Group of Pattern and Pressed Glass

Large Group of Patches

Large Group of Pans

Large Group of Old 78’s

Large Group of Office Supplest

Large Group of NASCAR Stuffed Animals & More

Large Group of NASCAR Pictures

Large Group of NASCAR Caps and Visors

Large Group of Misc.

Large Group of Ladies Belts

Large Group of Household Decor

Large Group of Hats, Caps, and Gloves

Large Group of Frig. Magnets, and Miscellaneous

Large Group of Dolls

Large Group of Dollies and Linens

Large Group of Clear with Frosted Fruit & Grapes

Large Group of Christmas

Large Group of CD’s

Large Group of 8 Tracts and Cassette Tapes

Large Group of 45 records and Albums

Large Dream Catcher

Large Brown Crock

Large Antique Trunk

Joseph Original and Dresden Ballerina

Johnson Carper Dresser with Mirror

Jewelry Box, Vintage Clippers, and Shoe Horns

Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Starting Line Up Doll

Ironstone Pitcher and Broken Bowl

Indian Doll, Toy Pans, and More

Huge Group of Pine Doll Furniture and Kids

Huge Group of Men’s Tee Shirts and Sweatshirts

Huge Group of Christmas and Holiday

Household Decor

Household Decor

Hot Wheels, Winners Circle, & NASCAR Figures & More

Homemade Ceramic Figures & Cookie Jars

Heavy Duty Pine Log Bed

Heavy Duty Cedar Night Stand

Heavy Clear Glass Adverting Pitcher and Mugs

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, & Hear No Evil??

Hats, Pins, Suspenders, Ties and More

Harley-Davidson Telephone

Hanging Wall Gun Cabinet with Key

Handmade Wooden Doll or Baby Swing

Handmade Toy Wagon

Handmade Tool Characters

Handmade Fireplace Mantle

Handmade Child’s Table

Handmade Ceramic Elf, Diver, and More

Hand Spun Glass Ornaments, Angels, and More

Hand Made Wooden Train

Hand Made Tool Rocking Chair/Horse

Hand Made Naughty Beer Can Santa

Hand Made Bird Tool Seat

Hand Lock stitch Sewing Machine in Box

Half Round Display Shelf

Gun Cabinet with Key – Damaged

Group of Wooden Decor

Group of Women’s Shoes and Boots

Group of Western Style Men’s Belts

Group of Vintage Toys

Group of Vintage Texas Ware and Imperial Ware

Group of Vintage Table Cloths

Group of Vintage Spice Tins and Old Containers

Group of Vintage Poker Chips

Group of Vintage Plush Huggers Clip On Animals

Group of Vintage Pillowcases

Group of Vintage Paper and Brochures

Group of Vintage Medicine Bottles and Tins

Group of Vintage Leather Jackets, Shirt, & More

Group of Vintage Ladies Shoes

Group of Vintage Ladies Clothes

Group of Vintage Ladies Clothes

Group of Vintage Items

Group of Vintage Doilies

Group of Vintage Dishware

Group of Vintage Cookbooks

Group of Vintage Cards and More

Group of Vintage Avon Bottles

Group of Vintage Advertising Beer Openers

Group of Twig Doll Chairs, & High Chairs

Group of Toys

Group of Tools and More

Group of Throws and Tea Towels and More.

Group of Straw Hats and Visors

Group of Stems and Glasses

Group of Stainless and Silver Plate

Group of Socket Sets and Bits

Group of Small Perfume Bottles, and Glassware

Group of Small Glass Animals

Group of Slips, Hose, Scarfs, and More

Group of Silverware and Knife Set

Group of Shoe Horns and Playboy Bunnies

Group of Shells and Rocks

Group of Princess House and More

Group of Primitives

Group of Pressed Glass Glassware

Group of Pin Cushions and More

Group of Pictures

Group of Pans and Appliances

Group of Old Tupperware

Group of Old Appliances

Group of Office Supplies

Group of Office Supplies

Group of NASCAR Winner’s Circle Action Figures

Group of NASCAR Collectibles

Group of Mugs

Group of Moss Rose Dishes

Group of Miscellaneous Tools

Group Of Miscellaneous Shoes and Balls

Group of Miscellaneous NASCAR Collectibles

Group of Miscellaneous Decor

Group of Miscellaneous Christmas & More

Group of Miscellaneous

Group of Miniature Doll Tea Set and Sake Sets

Group of Mickey Mouse Dolls, Umbrella & More

Group of Magazines, Book, and Tickets

Group of Little Plastic Mini Items

Group of Linens

Group of Lamps

Group of Ladies Shoes

Group of Ladies Purses, Billfolds, and Bibles

Group of Ladies Purses

Group of Ladies Coats and Jackets

Group of Kitchen Items

Group of John Wayne Pictures

Group of Household Decor

Group of Household and Garden

Group of Home Heath Items

Group of Handkerchiefs, and Scarfs

Group of Glassware

Group of Four Folding Chairs

Group of Fishing Line, Filet Knife and More.

Group of Embroidery Thread and Hoops

Group of Elvis Memorabilia and Decanters

Group of Door Knobs, Hinges, and Hooks

Group of Dolls

Group of Dale Earnhardt Knives, Cards, Cars

Group of Collector Coasters

Group of Coffee Morning Mugs

Group of Cleaning Supplies

Group of Chimes

Group of Children’s Books

Group of Ceramic Jack O’Lanterns

Group of Cans of Nails, Nuts, and Bolts

Group of Billfolds and Purses

Group of Bedspreads and Linens

Group of Baking Dishes

Group of Avon Perfumes, Creams, and Bottles

Group of Assorted Handmade Swans

Group of 1955 Trucks, Christmas Ornaments and More

Grey Painted Stand

Green Wooden Toy Pull Wagon

Green Depression Bowl, Creamer and Salt

Great White Milk Glass Hopalong Cassidy Mug

Great Vintage Light Up Christmas Tree Stand

Great Vintage Canister Set

Great Victorian Doll House Full of Metal Furniture

Great Set of 10 Nudie Glasses

Great Group of Ladies Boots and Shoes

Great Antique Soldier Photo

Gold Spoons, and Assorted Flatware

Gold Pitcher and Stems, Bowl and Clear Pitcher

Gold Metal Coat Rack

Global Metal 4 Drawer File Cabinet

Glassware and Laying Hen

Glass Shelf with Marble Look Base

Glass jars, Bottles, Shakers

Glass Display Cabinet

Glass Bowl and Pampered Chef Container

German US Zone Tea Set

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric BBQ Grill

Fun Vintage Prints

Four Vintage Novelty Mugs

Four Vintage Colorful Shot Glasses

Four Pieces of Vintage Shawnee Corn Dishes

Four Pieces of Green Depression

Four Penzoil Doll’s with Tags

Four Kiss Dolls and Instruments

Four great Vintage Wooden Chairs

Four Drawer Metal Cabinet

Four 8 Inch Green Depression Plates

Folding Dog Pen, Ironing Board, & Clothes

Folding Chair and Briefcase

Flashlights and Telephones, and Tools

Flash Lights and Lightbulbs

Five Porcelain Cups and Little Saucers

Five 1973 Budweiser Girl Calendars

Figurines, Cup, Nuts, and More

Faux Wood Three Drawer File Cabinet

Faultless Sizing Fabric Finish, Bag, & More

Elvis Silver Anniversary and Elvis Gold Decanters

E.T, The 20 Anniversary Special Kevin Harvick Car

Dyson Accessories, and Zorb

DVD’s, CD’s, Cassettes, and More

DuPont Motorsports, Jeff Gordon, Stock Car

DuPont Motorsports Jeff Gordon

Dresser with Mirror

Drakkar Noir Dale Earnhardt Jr. Stock Car

Dolls, Stuffed Animals, Doll Hats and More

Dolls, Stuff Animals and Dog Toys

Doll Ice Cream Table and 2 Chairs

Doilies, Ric Rac and Lace

Display Shelves

Display Shelf

Die Cast Hummers and More

Desert Camouflage Uniform

Deluxe Bread Machine Welbilt & More

Decorative Elephant with Baby

Dark Hutch/Entertainment Center

Dale Earnhardt/Goodwrench Special Monte Carlo

Dale Earnhardt Pocket Watch & Jeff Gordon Watch

Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo

Dale Earnhardt Jr Fone and KFC Clock

Dale Earnhardt Corvette Stock Car

Dale Earnhardt #3 Bank Bottle

Dale Earnhardt Deluxe Box Set and Cars

Cute Vintage Wooden Holly Hobby High Chair

Cute Vintage Seat

Cute Vintage Christmas Paper and More

Cute Group of Vintage Figurines

Cute Embroidery Deer Pillowcases & More

Craftsman 16 Inch Chain Saw

Crackled Vase and Cup and Saucer

Copper Cars, Butterflies, Motorcycle and More

Contents of Utility and Silverware Drawer

Collection of Bon Ami Items

Christmas Trains

Children’s Toys

Chiefs Jacket, Sweatshirts and Tee Shirts

Casseroles and Baking Dishes

Cardboard Barrels of Fabric and Scrap

Buttoner, Thread, and Scrap Fabric

Brown Transferware Bowl

Boxes of Different Size Plastic Bags

Box of Miscellaneous Perfume, Avon and More

Box of Antique Buttons

Books, Pamphlet, and More

Books, Newpapers, and Wall Hangings

Book of Great Paintings of the American West

Blue Texas Fly Swatter and Texas Fly

Black with Flames Dale Earnhardt Jacket

Black Leather Saxon Racing Jacket

Black Lacquer TV Stand

Black & Gold Sqwincher Cooler

Beige Suede Berkline Recliner

Beer Bottles, and 1:24 Die Cast Cars

Beautiful Convex Framed Picture

Beatles Picture

Barack Obama, and Sarah Palin Bobble Heads

Balldor Grinder Buffer

Baby Dress & Bonnet

Avon Products, and Bottles

Asian Porcelain Cup, Saucer and Condiment Jar

Antique Wooden Painted Green Table

Antique Wooden Frame and Photo

Antique Two Man Saw

Antique Singer Sewing Machine

Antique Post Card Album and Post Cards

Antique Mantle Clock

Antique Ingraham Mantle Clock

Antique Herrick Oak Ice Box

Antique Drop Leaf Table

Antique Dresser with Vanity Bench

Antique Cedar Chest

Antique Buck Saw

Antique 13 Inch Buddy Lee Doll

Annie Doll & Nightmare Before Christmas Ornaments

Angels and Bunnies

Angel Collection

Aluminum Baseball Bat and Sweeper Part

Alabaster Turtle Snuff Bottle & Seal

Action Limited Edition Adult Collectible

AC Delco Japanese Race Edition Dale Earnhardt

9 Vintage Cartoon Glasses

9 Vintage Boxes Playing Cards

8 Winners Circle 1:24 Scale Stock Cars

8 Piece Set of Watt Pottery

7 Winner’s Circle Gallery Series NASCAR Cars

7 Mini Tea Sets

7 Handmade Frogs by Bobbi

7 Dale Earnhardt Collectors Plates

7 -1:24 Stock Cars, and Misc. NASCAR

6 Western Style Leather Belts

6 Sets of Doll Tea Sets New in Box

6 Pieces of Mexican Pottery

6 NASCAR Racing Champions Die Cast Cars

6 NASCAR Die Cast Big Rigs

54 Inch Samsung Flat Screen TV

5 Wooden Carved Morel Mushrooms

5 Vintage Iron Skillets

5 Ty Dolls with Tags

5 Pieces of Wooden Doll Furniture

5 Pieces of Nice Vintage Dishware

5 Piece Set of Knowles Utility Ware

5 Drawer Chest

4 Winner’s Circle Gallery Series Cars

4 Vintage Oil Lamps

4 Vintage Country Festival Corning Ware Bakers

4 Revell 1:24 Stock Cars, Albums, Misc. Cars

4 Leather Tooled Belts

4 Collectible NASCAR Lunch Boxes with Stock Car

4 Black & Silver Studded & Jeweled Leather Belts

4 6 Inch Green Depression Glasses

3 Small Radio Flyer Red Wagons & 1 Wheel Barrow

32 NASCAR Tee Shirts

3000 Troll Dolls

24 NASCAR Die Cast Cars

22 Packages of Winner’s Circle Die Casts Cars

22 Die Cast Race Cars

21 NASCAR Winners Circle Die Cast Stock Cars

20 NASCAR Winner’s Circle Cars

2 1:24 Stock Cars & 2 Winner’s Circle Gift Pack

18 NASCAR Stock Cars, Winners Circle and Revell

17 Winners Circle and Hot wheels NASCAR Cars

14 Hot Wheels NASCAR 1:24 scale Stock Cars

13 NASCAR Tee Shirts

12 Rudolph Talk & Sing 50th Anniversary

12 place Setting of Gold Toned Silverware

12 NASCAR Sweatshirts, & Long Sleeve Shirts

11 Winners Circle & 1 Hot Wheels NASCAR Big Rig

10NASCAR Winners Circle, 1 Revell Stock Cars

10 Winner’s Circle and Hot Wheels NASCAR Cars

1:24 scale Stock Cars, and NASCAR Collectables

#75 Dale Earnhardt Truck, NASCAR Small & Medium

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