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Online Auction of Demolition Tools, Scaffolding, and More in Alameda, CA This online auction features over 300 lots including demolition tools, trash and cardboard compactors, power tools, vises, scaffolding, and more. Everything will be to the highest…

Auction Schedule

Live On-Site Auction

Begins: Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at 10:00 AM EDT

Location 2250 Clement Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501



Online Auction of Demolition Tools, Scaffolding, and More in Alameda, CA

This online auction features over 300 lots including demolition tools, trash and cardboard compactors, power tools, vises, scaffolding, and more. Everything will be to the highest bidders regardless of price!

Online auction at – Bidding Starts, Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at 10:00 am (PT).

Sold to the highest bidders regardless of price!

00172Trash Compactor00173Cardboard Compactor
00176Challenge Industrial Paper Cutter0100Assorted Rigging Cable 1/4?-1?
0101Assorted Hosing0102Genuine Duff Barrett 25 Ton Jack
0103Genuine Duff Barrett 25 Ton Jack0104Industrial Jack
0105Industrial Jack0106Aviation Jack 12 Ton
0107Aviation Jack 12 Ton0108Aviation Jack 12 Ton
0109Aviation Jack 12 Ton0110Thor 115 Volt Impact Driver
0111Milwaukee Circular Saw0112Porter Cable Sander
0113Black & Decker Portable 8? Grinder0114Milwaukee Magnum Screw Fun
0115Porter Cable Router Base0116Craftsman Bench Grinder
0117Van Doren Electrical Driver0118Sioux Power Driver
0119Black & Decker Potable 8? Grinder0120Impact Driver
0121Sioux Power Driver0122Senco Staple Gun
0123Senco Staple Gun0124Porter Cable Planer
0125Craftsman Industrial Rated Drill 0126Milwaukee Industrial Drill
0127Skil Orbital Sander0128Black & Decker Portable Grinder
0129Milwaukee Hole Shooter (screw Shooter)0130Makita Finishing Sander
0131Milwaukee Heavy Duty Sander Grinder0132Impact Drill
0133Black & Decker Orbital Sander0134Dal Forno Hoist Clamp
0135Milwaukee Power Driver0136Rockwell Heavy Duty Impact Driver
0137Skil Saw 0138Milwaukee Heavy Duty Screw Driver
0139Milwaukee Heavy Duty Screw Driver0140Assorted Chainsaws (8)
0141Concrete Vibrator0142Black & Decker Shear
0143Skil Saw0144Marble Polisher With Water Feed
0145Makita Power Planer0146J Bar
0147Delta Industrial Equipment 0148Coil With Welding Hose
0149Heavy Duty Grinder 0150Custom Welding Manifold
01511/4? Welding Hose (4) 01521/4? Welding Hose (4)
01531/4? Welding Hose (4)01541/4? Welding Hose (4)
01551/4? Welding Hose (4)01561/4? Welding Hose (4)
01571/4? Welding Hose (4)01581/4? Welding Hose (4)
01591/4? Welding Hose (4)01601/4? Welding Hose Long
0161Dolly Wheels With Lock (25)0162Heavy Duty C Clamps (20)
0163Simplex 15 Ton Jack0164Simplex Industrial Jack
0165Industrial Powered Hose Reeler 0166Industrial Hydraulic Pipe Cutters (3)
0167Fire Hydrant0168Rubber Matt?s (whole Pallet)
0169Inversion Chair0170Rubber Matt?s (whole Pallet)
0171Hydraulic Piston0174Assorted Tanks Cage Included
0175Assorted Tanks (cage Included)0177Assorted Tanks (cage Included)
0178Blue Awning 0179Tank Hand Trucks, Wheels, Cable, Chain (cage Included)
0180Industrial Jack 0181Industrial Jack
0182Duff Barrett 15 Ton Industrial Jack0183Industrial Jack 5 Ton Capacity
0184Super Heavy Duty Industrial Wheels (4)0185Burke Concrete Vibrator
0186Burke Concrete Vibrator 0187Assorted Dolly?s
0188Heavy Duty Industrial Rollers (2)0189Welding Tank Hand Truck
0190Industrial Road Maintenance Equipment0191Display Case Unlocked With Key
0192Display Case/bulletin Board (no Key, Locked)0193Display Case/bulletin Board (no Key, Locked)
0194Display Case/bulletin Board (no Key, Locked)0195Assorted Wheels And Moving Equipment
0196Metal Rack0197Forklift Grabbing Attachment
0198Duff Industrial Jack 5 Ton Capacity 0199Industrial Jack 5 Ton Capacity
0200Joyce Industrial Jack0201Simplex Industrial Jack
0202Aluminum Boom Arm0203Car Bike Rack
0204Sauna Flooring ~40?x46? (9)02053 Ton CN Chainfall
0206Prentiss Bulldog Vise0207Vise
0208Vise0209Franklin Vise
0210Athol Vise With Stand0211Hydraulic Vise
0216Vise0217Wilton Vise
0218Craftsman Vise 0219Vise
0220Rigid Vise0221Vise
0222Franklin Vise0223Balco Vise
0224Erie Took Works Vise 0225Vise
0226Vise0227Wilton Vise
0228Vise0229Industrial Shear
0230Assorted Balancer?s / Misc. Industrial Equipment 0231Cardinal Vise
023250 Gallon Barrel Hoist 0233Vise
0234Vise 0235Vise
0236Vise 0237Vise
0238Eron Vise 0239Toledo Vise Clamp
0240Red Arrow Vice 0241Vise
0242Vise 0243Wilton Vise
0244Samson Vise 0245Littles Town Vise
0246Vise With Table Clamp0247Vise
0248Vise 0249Pipe Vise Clamp
0250Vise 0251Vise
02525 Page Key Cabinet 0253Steel Slide Vise
0254Craftsman Vise 0255Vise
0256Vise 0257Pipe Vise Clamp
0258Pipe Vise Clamp0259Versa Vise
0260Pipe Vise With Table Clamp0261Pipe Vise With Table Tripod
0262Drill Press Clamp0263Edge Protectors 300
0264Banding Clips (2 Boxes)0265Hose Reeler
0266Banding Station0267Hod?s (2)
0268Bandit Kit 0269Signode Bands
0270Bander0271Acme Steel Co Bander
0272ScotchBand Strapping System 0273ScotchBand Strapping System
0274Pneumatic Signode Bander0275Yellow Tripod With Winch
0276Brute Trashcan With Dolly 0277Trash Can With Dolly
0278Trashcan With Dolly 0279Trashcan With Dolly
0280Brute Trashcan With Lid And Dolly0281Half Sized Trashcan (3)
0282Metal Trash cans (3)0283Metal Trash cans (2)
0284Half And Mini Trashcan 028550 Gallon Barrel With Lid And Seal
0286Trash Can With Dolly0287Trash Can With Dolly
0288Trash cans (4)0289Trash Cans (3)
0290Trash cans (3)0291Trash cans (4)
0292Trash cans (5)0293Trashcan With Dolly
0294Trash Cans (3)0295Trashcan With Dolly
0296Trashcan (4)0297Trashcan With Dolly
0298Mini Trashcan With Lid 0299Assorted Dolly?s And Wheels (casters)
0300Casters (10)0301Casters (10)
030250 Gallon Barrel Hoist 0303Casters And Hardware (25)
0304Casters (12)0305Casters (10)
0306Casters (5)0307Industrial Hose Reeler
0308Industrial Hose Reeler0309Industrial Hose Reeler With Hose
0310Industrial Hose Reeler 0311Casters (4)
0312Casters With Extensions (16)0313Rounded Casters (4)
0314Casters With Brakes (4)0315Casters With Brakes (4)
0316Assorted Rope And Cable 0317Steel Plates With Screws And Bolts
0318ACable Reel And Hoist With Hook0319ATrashcan With Dolly (50 Gallon Barrel)
0320AChain Fall 3 Ton Capacity 0321Chain Fall 1 Ton Capacity
0322Chain Fall/ Hoist 1/2 Ton Capacity0323Chain Fall/ Hoist 2 Ton Capacity
0324Chain Fall/ Hoist 2 Ton Max 0325Chain Fall/ Hoist 1 Ton Capacity
0326Chain Fall/ Hoist 1 Ton Capacity 0327Assorted Jacks (10)
0328Air Compressor 0329Hydraulic Jacks (2)
0330Hydraulic Jack 0331Safety Pull
0332Jackhammer And Drill Attachments 0333Lights With Brain Box
0334Hydraulic Pump0335Universal Wet/Dry Grinder
0336JBL Surround Sound Cinema Speakers (33)0337Road Construction Signage
0338Safety Switch Boxes (3)0339Assorted Circuit Boxes (4)
0340Assorted Circuit Boxes (4)0341Para Just Ac Motor Speed Control
0342Safety Switch Boxes 0343Assorted Tools Lot (12)
0344Fire Extinguisher Box 0345Fire Extinguisher Box
0346Aluminum Truck Box0347Surveyor Stands (2)
0348Eye Washing Station0349Load Balancers (3)
0350BE Wallace Gantry (missing Load Beam. Does Not Include Cart)0351Assorted Tool Lot (12)
0352Assorted Tool Lot (12)0353Assorted Tool Lot (12)
0354Assorted Tool Lot (12)0355Shop Fan
0356Engine Mount 0357Presto Foot Powered Forklift
0358Assorted Tube/Pipe Coupling 0359Assorted Tools Lot (11)
0360Assorted Tool Lot (10)0361Assorted Tool Lot (11)
0362Assorted Tools Lot (10)0363Assorted Tool Lot (10)
03643 Phase Pedestal Grinder0365Assorted Tool Lot (10)
0366Assorted Pumps 036740? Extension Ladder
0368Industrial Heavy Duty Dolly 0369Assorted Tool Lot (10)
0370Assorted Tools Lot (11)0371Assorted Tool Lot (10)
0372J Bar0373J Bar
0374J Bar0375J Bar
0376Assorted Tool Lot (12)0377Assorted Tools Lot (12)
0378Assorted Bar, Chain And Engine Grease/ Lubricant 0379Grease, Lube And Assorted Lubricator
0380Metal Saw Horses 0381Super Duty Balancers (2)
0382Super Duty Balancer 0383Assorted Balancers And Accessories
0384Assorted Tools Lot (12)0385Assorted Tools Lot (12)
0386Assorted Tools Lot (11)0387Assorted Tools Lot (12)
0388Assorted Tools Lot (10)0389Casters (13)
0390Casters (4)0391Casters (4)
0392Casters (11)0393Casters And Hardware (6)
0394Metal Casters (4)0395Metal Casters (4)
0396Metal Casters (4)0397Casters (4)
0398Casters (4)0399Casters (4)
0400Casters (4)0401Dual Wheel Casters (4)
0402Casters (4)0403Casters (24)
0404Casters (4)0405Caster Wheels (4)
0406Metal Casters (4)

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