Provel Precision Machine Shop in Newark, CA


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Retirement Auction of Provel Precision Machine Shop in Newark, CA Featured in this complete sellout online auction are 227 lots including a Clark propane forklift, CNC milling machine, a vertical milling machine, lathes, bandsaws, sanders, grinders and…

Auction Schedule

Live On-Site Auction

Begins: Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 10:00 AM EDT

Location Newark, CA 95460



Retirement Auction of Provel Precision Machine Shop in Newark, CA

Featured in this complete sellout online auction are 227 lots including a Clark propane forklift, CNC milling machine, a vertical milling machine, lathes, bandsaws, sanders, grinders and much more. Don’t forgo your chance to get your bids in. With no minimums or reserves, all items will sell regardless of price!

Online auction at – Bidding Starts, Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 10:00 am (PT).

Sold to the highest bidders regardless of price!

01002004 Fadal VMC6030 HT CNC Milling Center With Accessories 0100A(27) 2″ CNC Tool Holders With Tooling And Organizer
0101Clark 3,000 Lb Capacity Propane Forklift0102Goodway GW-1440 Engine Lathe With Accessories
0103South Bend Engine Lathe 0104Sharp Vertical Milling Machine With Mitutoyo Digital Readout And Power Feed
0105Curtis E-57 5HP 75 Gallon Air Compressor0106Dayton 3Z918B 5 Speed Drill Press
0107Franco RS-90P 12″ Bandsaw0108DoAll 9″ Variable Speed Bandsaw
01092016 Baileigh BP-3 Manual Press Brake With Portable Stand0110Baldor 662 6″ Pestle Mounted Bench Grinder
0111Central Pneumatic 36402 4″ Belt 6″ Disk Sander0112American Industrial 1650 6″ Buffer/Grinder
0113Central Pneumatic 94327 8″ Pestle Mounted Bench Grinder/Buffer01142014 6″ Belt 9″ Disk Sander
011510″ Table Mounted Grinder/Buffer0116DeWalt 830 5″ Grinder With Grinding Disks And Organizer
0117Central Pnuematic 40Lb Capacity Blast Cabinet0118Justrite 25720 20 Gallon Flammable Storage Cabinet With Contents
0119Brady 60296 Flammable Storage Cabinet With Contents0120Starrett 24″ X 36″ Granite Surface Plate With Steel Stand
0121Mitutoyo 192-114 .001-24″ Height Gauge With Wood Case0122Starrett 752A-18 Digital Height Gauge
0123Union Steet Chest Corp. Vintage Machinists Tool Box Full Of Vintage Machinists Tools0124Swift Stereo Eighty Machinists Microscope
0125 Machinists -.0002 Pin Gauge Set 0126 Machinists -.0002 Pin Gauge Set
0127 Machinists -.0002 Pin Gauge Set 0128 Machinists -.0002 Pin Gauge Set
0129Machinists -.0002 Pin Gauge Set (Incomplete)0130Mitutoyo .4-.7 Bore Gauge Kit
0131Mitutoyo 511-104N Cali0132Konon 24″ Calipers
013340″ Caliper0134Staret 231 Micrometer
0135Mitutoyo 103-178 1-2″ Micrometer0136Mitutoyo 103-217 2-3″ Micrometer
0137Starrett 228 1-2″ Micrometer0139SPI 11″ Standard
0140SPI 9″ Standard0141Bulk Lot: Machinists Blocks, Gauges, Standards, And More
0142Safety Tagout Kit0143Crenova Wifi Digital Microscope
0144Turlen 11 Piece Micrometer Kit With Wood Box0145Adjustable Tool Holder
0146Adjustable Tool Holder014781 Piece .1000-4″ Gauge Block Set
0148International Tool Co. Inside Micrometer Kit0149Mitutoyo146-102 0-1″ Groove Micrometer
0150Machinists -.0002 Pin Gauge Set 0151(28) Standard Gauges: .3738-3762, .6880, .6877
0152(3) Steel Rulers0153Kurt D675 6″ Angle Lock Vise
0154Kurt D675 6″ Angle Lock Vise0155Kurt D675 6″ Angle Lock Vise
0156Kurt D675 6″ Angle Lock Vise0157Kurt D675 6″ Angle Lock Vise
0158Steel Frame Rack and Assorted Steel/Plastic/Aluminium Stock0159Wood & Steel Frame Rack and Assorted Metal/Plastic Stock
0160Rolling Steel Shop Cart and Contents0161Trajan Q700 7″ Chop Saw and Extra Blade
0162Black and Decker 10″ Power Miter Saw0163(2) Indicator Holders
0164(11) HSS End Mill Bits in Wooden Box0165Adjustable Magnetic Base
0166Adjustable Magnetic Base 0167Box: Assorted Machinist’s Clamps/Pins/Springs
0168(2) Thread Micrometers & Assorted Size Thread Pins0169(6) Assorted Machinist V-Blocks
0170(20 ) Assorted Dividers0171(7) Assorted Dividers
0172Box: Plate Clamps, Mighty Bites, Angle Blocks, Parallels 0173Box: Edge Finders, Tap Guide, Quil Stop, Angle Bars
017412″ SPI Digital Calipers01753-Piece Angle Set with Steel Ruler
0176Box: (3) Assorted Style SINE Bars0177(10) Assorted Width 6″ Parallel Pairs in Storage Case
0178(10) Pair 1/8″ Economy Parallels (Assorted Widths)0179(5) Assorted Size Milling/Drilling Chucks
0180(7) Assorted Size/Style Machinist’s Indicators0181(6) Assorted Size KANT TWIST Clamps
0182 Mill Clamp Set0183Machinist’s Depth Guage Set in Case
0184ETALON 1″ Caliper in Wooden Case 0185ETALON 1″-2″ Caliper in Wooden Case
0186ETALON 2″-3″ Caliper in Wooden Case 0187Mitutoyo Tool Pre-Setter
0188Box: Radius Gauges/Bore Gauges/Telescoping Bore Gauges 0189(4) Assorted Dial Indicators
0190Set of (3) Machinist’s Squares0191(14 ) Assorted Machining Tools in Metal Rack
0192(14) Assorted Size R8 Collettes with Wooden Rack0193Master Mic 1″ Micrometer
0194Brown & Sharpe 1″ Micrometer0195Steel Surface Plate with (3) 1-2-3 Blocks and (3) Angle Blocks
019612″ Height Gauge 01976″ Veneer Height Gauge
01986″?6″ Base Indicator Holder0199Rolling Shop Cabinet/Work Surface
0200Huot Tool Chest and Contents 0200ATool Chest of (50 ) Assorted Milling Bits
0200BSmall Cabinet of (50 ) Assorted Taps0200C(14) Assorted Go/No-Go Thread Gauges
0201Heavy Duty Steel Frame Work Bench 30″ x 84″ x 35H 0202Rolling Shelf Rack and Contents
0204Storage Drawer Unit of Screwd/Springs/Hinges0206Storage Drawer Unit of Screws, Bushings, Inserts, and More
0208Storage Drawer Unit of Screws/Zip Ties0209Storage Drawer Unit of Fittings, Bushings, Rubber Components, and More
0210Storage Drawer Unit of Faucet Parts, Drawer Handles, Hardware and More0211Storage Drawer Unit of Knurling Tools/Boring Bars/Window Latches/Plus More
0212Storage Drawer Unit of Assorted Reamers/Plus More0213Hardware Organizer of Mechanical Compartments, Bearing Bushings and More
0214Hardware Organizer of Screws/Knobs/Plus More 0215Hardware Organizer of Electrical Components
0216Hardware Organizer of Assorted Screws02172′ Table With Assorted Hardware And Parts
0218Heavy Duty Steel Frame Work Bench 30″ x 84″ x 35H 0220Shelf And Contents of Hex Tooling, Bits, Scrap Steel
0221Shelf And Contents of Press Tools, Power Cords, Scrap Metal0222Shelf And Contents of Polishing Wheels, Connectors, Grinding Tools (46″ x 20″ x 84″)
02236″ Machinist Vise0224Torch Kit Set With Hoses/Guages/Gun
02254 Piece SPI Machinist Jack Set022630 Piece Collet Set
022726 Piece Collet Set0228(15) Piece Collet Set
0229(3) Pittsburg Tube Benders0230Mill Clamp Set
02312’x2′ Caster Mounted Table0232Sterling 12 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press With Dies
0233Workforce Adjustable Roller Stand0234Adjustable Roller Stand
0235Milwaukee Hand Truck 0236Herter Tool Closer With 3″ 4 Jaw Chuck
0237Hand truck0238Metal Punch Kit
0239Pittsburgh 10 Piece Knockout Punch Set 0240Central Pneumatic 35228 3/8 Pneumatic Wrench
0241Montgomery Ward Reciprocating Saw0243Central Pneumatic 69575 Finish Nailer
0244Central Pneumatic 31317 16 Gauge finish Nail Gun0245Ridgid No. 3-8 1-3″ Pipe Cutter
0246Torch Head Set0247Herter 634 Collet Closer
02482″ Machine Vise02495c Spin Jig
0250DeWalt 18v Drill/Driver Set0251Portable Steel Waste Bin
02527″ 3 Jaw Chuck0253Atlas 8″ 4 Jaw Chuck
0254Bison 8″ 3 Jaw Chuck0255Bison 10″ Steel Spin Table
025614″x24″ Steel Cart0257K-Mart Orbital Sander
0258Central Pneumatic 91907 1.25 Cubit Foot Mixer/Media Tumbler0259Shop Vac 6.5HP Shop Vac
0260(13) C-Clamps0261Box: (17) C-Clamps
0262Yuasa 550-052 13″ Horrizontal/Vertical Rotary Table0263Thomas&Betts TBM8-750M-1 12 Ton Dieless Hydraulic Compression Tool
0265Chain Come-Along0266AngLock Bridgeport 6″ Machinist Vise
0267Central Machinery One Ton Arbor Press0268Kurt 8″ Machinists Vise
0269Chicago Electric 10″ Industrial Tile/Brick Saw0270Black And Decker Orbital Sander With Vacuum
0271Chicago Electric 5″ Random Orbital Palm Sander0272Da-Lite Wonder Lite 6′ Tripod Screen
0273Lathe Cross Feed0274Dremel Set
0277Chicago Electric 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder0278Central Machinery 1″ Belt Sander
02796-Ton Hydraulic Jack0280Allied Wrench Set
0281Propane Heater 30k-80k BTU/HR0283Kawasaki Drill Set
0284Destaco Manual Toggle Clamps0285Pneumatic Drill
0286Air Inc 716 Pneumatic Buffer/Grinder0287Pneumatic Sander
0288Central Pneumatic 1/2″ Air Impact Wrench0289(40) Assorted Collets
0290Tapmatic Reversible Tapping Head #6- 1/20290A2 1/2 Manual Offset Boring Head
0291(2) Tapmatic Reversing Tapping Attachment 0-1/40292(10) ER32 Collets
0293Assorted Mill Bits 0294(18) Assorted ER32 Collets
029520 Piece Mill Plate Set0296(35) Assorted End Mills
0297Assorted End Mills02992 Drawer Filing Cabinet
03002 Drawer Filing Cabinet0302(6) Assorted Dremels
0302ATable And Contents 8′ x 39″ x 31″ (Grinder Contents Not Included)0303Carbide Micro Drill Set
03041/4″ Number Punch Set0305Stamping Set
0306AWhitney Hand Punch0308Propane Heater
0310Master Machinery Shop Dust Collecting Unit0311Table And Contents: Vise, Tools, Tooling, Punch Set, Clamp, Work Light
0312(3) Plastic Scrap Bins 3′ x 22″0313Hardware Cabinet 3′ x 18″ x 78″
0314Shelf 56″ x 24″ x 8’H0315Dynaflex Bench Station
0319Cincinnati Industrial Polisher (For Parts) 0320Roll Around Cart 2’x 3′ x 32″ H
0321Heavy Duty Steel Frame Work Bench 30″ x 84″ x 35H 0322Packing Table And Contents 8′ x 3′ x 29″H
0323Cabinet And Contents 36″ x 18″ x 6’H0324Heavy Duty Cart 24″ x 48″ x 32″H W / 8″ Wheels
0325Ikon Ricoh Aticio 200 Copier0326Contents Of Cubicles (Cubicle And Furniture Only)
0327Contents Of Room; Furniture Only (No Computers/Printers Included)0328Hose Reel With Pneumatic Hose
0329Refrigerator 32″ x 26″ x 66″0330Starrett 363 Micrometer Head
0331Global 4,400LB Capacity Pallet Jack0332Forklift Propane Tank
0333Turntable Extreme Cap. 14 1/2″ OD x 10″ ID x 3/4 Thk0334Cat 5 Cable – 100ft min.
0335Assorted Carbide Inserts & Tool Holders0336Assorted Tap Handles
0337Insert Cutting Tools 0338Safety Sign & Sticker Kit
0339Public Address System – Amp, 2 Speakers & 2 Telephone Bell Ringers0340Assorted Hole Saws & Arbors
0341Assorted Slitting Saws & Arbors0342Collet Blocks 5C
0343Indexing Head 5C Collet0344Storage Cabinet 20″ x 24″ x 48″ W/ Mill Soft Jaws, Clamps, Thud Studs
0345Heavy Duty Steel Frame Work Bench 30″ x 84″ x 35H 0346Assorted Drawer Slide Rails
03472 Tiered Wood Cabinet Base = 34 x 50 x 30 H Top =12 x 50 x 60 OAL = 90″ H0348Heavy Duty Steel Frame Work Bench W / File & Drawer Cabinet 3′ x 6′ x 34 H
0349Lunchroom Table & 5 Chairs 3′ x 6′ 29″ H03502 Steel Framed Work Bench 20″ x 42″ x 29″ H
0351Electric Motor 230V , 30AMP, PH1, 7.5 HP, 3490 RPM, 1 1/8″ Shaft0352White Board & Safety Sign 6′ x 4′
0353Bankers Cart on Wheels

P.O. Box 278, Woodland, CA 95776 — Phone 530.661.0490 — Fax 530.661.2499

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